Questions & Answeres

How much does it cost to participate in IDDS Amazon?
The cost of participation is $300 USD per person plus other personal expenses such as travel, visa, passport, vaccinations, and other incidentals.

The organizing committee does everything it can to keep costs as low as possible. However, there are room and board costs as well as transport costs. The following are the expenses associated with participation in IDDS Amazon in Belem, Brazil. All costs are in USD.

We do not want cost to be a barrier to anyone who wants to apply or participate in IDDS. We recommend that if you would like to participate, but cannot afford it, that you try fundraising the costs. We have created an online resource to guide you here: IDDS Tips for Fundraising. For those who are in greatest need, there is a small pool of funds available for partial scholarships. Financial assistance applications will be sent to applicants upon their acceptance to the program.