Outside of participating, organizing, and hosting an IDDS, there are several ways you can get involved. If you have suitable projects, financial support, or want to host a workshop, please get in contact with us.
At its most basic a participatory workshop is an organised event which brings a group of people together to seek their opinions, extract their knowledge and to solve problems in a collaborative and creative environment.

Sound like common sense? Good! Because that is precisely what it is. How often have you sat in on, or perhaps even run, a ‘brainstorming session’ where a reluctant group of bored, unengaged people sit listlessly around a table staring at a blank whiteboard desperately hoping someone will break the silence and come up with an idea, any idea? Or perhaps the other end of the spectrum with an over-animated group of people with everybody talking and nobody listening, desperately trying to push their point of view and trampling over everyone else in the process?

A successful participatory workshop will avoid both these scenarios. It provides the best possible environment to garner opinions and ideas from those present in a creative and collaborative fashion and to capture the outputs. And what is more – it’s great fun!