In the heart of the Amazon

IDDS AMAZON took place in the heart of the Amazon Forest, in the state of Pará, Brazil. The group was working close with communities in the river banks that base their living in small scale farming and fishing activities. A 1 hour boat ride in the Amazon region, carryied us away from the city of Belém to the urban pheriphery and riverine community of Boa Vista Acara. Here we  setup our tents and IDDS Amazon workshop, co-creating and living together with the community of 200 people. Our partnering association was working towards a sustainable destiny, as crossbreed between co-operation and commune. The families dedicated to organic farming, grow and process Amazonian crops in traditional ways. Priprioca, a root which is used in perfumes and gourmet cooking is one of the main cash crops besides acai, manioc as staples of the everyday diet and para nuts the most famous and well known nut falling from the tallest tree in the amazonian rainforest.

The intensive labour in the field and post-harvest is shared between the families and group decisions are made in the co-operative, while each household and family has a individual and small farming plot. The willingness to share their livelihood situation and friendly openness to people, was part of the secret ingredient and generousity to welcome IDDS Amazon into their community.

Summit Location