Participating in IDDS Amazon

At IDDS, we do not have spectators—we have participants. As a participant, you will learn about the local culture and current issues, the collaborative design process, and work together in diverse teams of 6-8 people to co-create a prototype of a low-cost solution that addresses a current international development challenge. IDDS AMAZON will have 6-8 teams in total.

Because there are many people who want to participate in IDDS and only a  few spaces available, each person who is interested to attend must apply. IDDS AMAZON applications are open from 11/09/15 – 12/01/15. If you need more information stay tuned on our Facebook Page for updates. 

Applicants are notified 5-6 months before the summit if they have been selected, and then they are given the opportunity to apply for financial assistance if necessary. Note: financial assistance is limited and funding is typically distributed to those with greatest need.

IDDS AMAZON welcomes designers, permaculturists, engineers, activists, academics, governmental officials, policy maker, philosophers, artistic and vernacular practitioners that examine, question and present forms of permaculture and community development beyond the boundaries of crisis management. The summit is a platform for hands-on experiences in ecology and design thinking.

What would a participant do at IDDS Amazon?
Over the two-week period, participants will learn about the co-creative design process, traditions of the local community’s agricultural practices and lifestyles, how to understand problems, how to co-create solutions, and how to work together in project teams to create low-cost technologies that addresses a local design challenge. Project topics are still being scoped with the community, but will likely include design challenges that focus on turning outputs into inputs. This could include using bio materials (i.e. leftover acai branches and leaves) for sustainable products, creating small water harvesting structures, or even creating small technologies to maximize use of fruits and nuts in new ways (i.e. nut dryers, deshellers, depulpers, etc.). The projects will be dependent participants’ understanding of the problem and so are very open to pivoting based on what participants observe and discover with community members.

Participants will live in homestays in Boa Vista do Acara with 4 other participants per home.

What types of participants are we looking for?

Participants should:
  • be experts, community members, or students who have experience or backgrounds in: making things / mechanical engineering (10); permaculture / ecology (10); business / marketing (10); government / community mobilizing (5); and other unique backgrounds (5)
  • Have a strong likelihood to continue working on their project and/or another IDIN activity after the summit
  • be excellent team players
  • Enjoy problem solving
  • Share in the IDDS Spirit (hands-on, open-minded, diverse, resourceful, empathetic, and resilient)
Are there any eligibility criteria?
  • Complete the application on time – no late or incomplete applications will be reviewed.
  • Be at least 18 years of age to apply
  • Be able to attend the entire summit
  • Be able to endure the environment of the summit (waking up early, staying up late, working every day, potentially eating vegetarian, living with low water resources, etc.)
  • Be able to speak English or Portuguese