IDDS AMAZON is a two-week themed summit hosted in the state of Pará, located in the Amazon region of Brazil and will take place from the 4th till 17th July. The theme of this edition of IDDS is in Permaculture.

Permaculture is a philosophy as well as an integrated and creative design process based on ethics and design principles. Inspired and guided by patterns and relationships found in nature. The aim of permaculture is to create and apply systems into aspects of human habitation that are ecologically sound, technologically feasible and economically viable. The permaculture flower is as a metaphor, combines ethics and principles into the focus of 7 domains, namely: land & nature stewardship, build environment, tools & technology, culture & education, health & spiritual wellbeing, finance & economics, land tenure & community governance. Combining the IDDS methodology with ecological design processes we are working towards a realization of sustainable, long-term and symbiotic evolution.


The goal of the summit is to bring together a global and specialized mix of people to interact and learn the “ribeirinhos” (people living along the riverbanks) way of live: water collection, sleeping, hunting, preservation of food, bathing, cooking, etc are only some activities to gain contextual insights of their livelihoods. In this experiential way, participants will begin to understand the prevalent conditions, identify and frame the main challenges the community is facing in their daily activities, co-create, imagining and develop solutions to address these challenges.

IDDS AMAZON will explore the idea of community without referring to or attempting to find the absolute solution for contextual problems or needs. Through the IDDS Design process and in fusion with ecological design processes, the summit will leverage a discussion about past and present, structured and informal, democratic and nonhierarchical models of community, permaculture and society.