The project selection criteria are consistent with the qualitative and quantitative objectives contained in the IDDSAMAZON framework. The formal criteria must match the project selection. In addition to assessing different aspects such as sustainability, cooperation, innovation, and the interconnection of multiple sectors, the project selection panel may also provide the community with further recommendations to the promoters.

In justified cases, the selection criteria may be modified during the period. Any change will be published on the website in the interests of transparency.

  • a. Objective of the project proposal
  • b. Description of the target group
  • c. Presentation of the concept and the way of working, the methods and instruments used
  • d. Information on the socio-spatial orientation of the project proposal
  • e. Contribution to the principles of IDDSAMAZON
  • f. Networking and cooperation partners
  • g. Personnel, technical and spatial equipment
  • h. public relation
  • i. Specification of the target and success indicators
  • j. Securing and disseminating the project results
  • k. Contribution to the objectives of the Operational Program
  • l. Experiences with the target group and the topic
  • m. Experiences with similar projects
  • n. Experience in project implementation
  • o. Information on quality assurance