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The first round of school holidays fall in the month of July in Brazil. We will use common areas of the community of Boa Vista Ancara, the association center for workshops, presentation  and special events. The community center is about 1 hour by boat from the the city of Belem and will host with support of the local residents all participants as well as the organizing team. The accommodations are located in the community’s houses, where each family can host two to three participants. For emergency cases we will have a boat available and a road connection is existing to the main city of Belem. Each house has small boats for small trips which can take up to seven people per boat.

The meals will be served in one main facility. Four cooks will be on spot to prepare fresh and exotic breakfast, lunch and dinner whereby fruits, biscuits, water, juice, coffee is going to be available as treat during the breaks and as energizer.

For each project group we organize a translator who will be able to  speak Portuguese and English. The position is placed with professional, active, interested volunteers or professional translator so that each house and work group contains a Portuguese and English language speaker.